Artist Statement

Within my paintings and installations I am exploring sustainable systems, both manmade and those occurring in nature.  The shape exploration represented in these paintings is directly influenced by those observed systems and initiatives. 

I am also interested in the body, specifically the female body, as its own sustainable replenishment system.  As I recently gave birth to my second child, my work directly speaks not only to the physical changes that I experienced pre and post-partum, but also the anxieties and the excitement inherent in raising my daughters.  

The color palette representative of my work is relentlessly optimistic, which serves as a juxtaposition to both the apprehensions of parenthood and the physical discomforts and limitations of pregnancy and the recovery following birth.  I also knowingly choose to use a high-key color palette in favor of more natural hues to signify that even though gestation and parenting is a normal and organic experience, some (most) days it felt anything but.  Hard edges in my compositions are also an important and intentional element in my paintings to showcase the resilience of the female experience in all aspects of life.